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Hope Kuje Prison Visit – 07.06.2015

Updated: Aug 22, 2018

Prison Capacity- 560

Convicted- 131

Awaiting Trial- 719

Life- 12

Condemned Convict- 2

Total Number of Prisoners- 866

The Kuje Prison unlike other plenary institutions I have visited, was organized. The prisoners smiled with the prison officers and likewise, they bantered and spoke calmly.

We had a much different expectation, hardened criminals with no sign of remorse, instead we met committed Christians and Muslims who clung to their bibles and asked others to keep it down while we spoke.

We got to the Kuje Medium Security Prison at around 9:30am and went through the security process we produced our approval letter for the visit and gave all electronic devices to the officers.

We waited for the in-charge to arrive to give us a walk around and orientation of the prisons, and asked to speak to the prisoners awaiting trial who had no representation.

Whilst we were waiting the Senior Officer received a few prison transfers from the police. One charge as written by the police was “causing menstruation” aka abortion. Which is an offence in Nigeria. It is extremely sad that the police force are not even aware of the actual crimes committed.

Her Voice took 6 cases from inmates who had representation who have court dates coming up towards the end of June.

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